Ananya anubhaba

“Feeling”…the word is…too simple to pen down yet too nebulous to be articulated only through letters,’s far more complex to fathom out…what it is…we gather so much of it through the daily humdrums of our life.We are wading through this ocean of feelings..perhaps almost every moment..each second of our life,which sometimes coax us with sweet happiness,but often pervade us in the canopy of sorrow.

Me, though a very ordinary girl,being the only child of my parents..have got many names..though well known as “Arpita” among my friends,my closed ones lovingly call me “Ananya” meaning “incomparable”…which happens to be quite an extraordinary name…. pretty irony to the society…perhaps to me even!The sarcasm compelled me to think a lot and eventually,pondering upon the thought…it made me realize that each one of us are unique in our own way…perhaps these feelings make all the difference..we never feel the same all through,we never react the same way.That’s what makes each one of us so very different from the rest of our society.The moment we start understanding this world,……we grow into a different individual,outstanding in our own sense and as we mature..we think denovo…..and our thoughts gradually become enriched….the feelings start changing which are revealed through our inner reflection,expressing our own identity.


~ by arpitachatterjee on December 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “Ananya anubhaba”

  1. bah..!lekhar bonding ta valo laglo…,topic ta khub i interesting…,besh sundor finish korechis…..,tobe ek i rokom jeno bar bar na hoye jai..,seta kheyal rakhis…ekta jinish dekhbi….,dekh ami nije o blog tlog likhi na…,amar fanda paper e…,soft copy te na…,kono prosongo theke onno jaiga te aste jaoa r je step up ba step down gulo segulo jeno smuth hoi..,noile reader kin2 birokto hoye jete i pare vabtei pare”eta abar kotha theke hoye galo?”i think u wuld understand wat i meant….emnite overall khub valo hoyeche..,keep it up…


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