Kalpataru..the fulfiller of dreams

On account of the habit of  net surfing,I suddenly came across few snap sorts of Cossipore Uddan Bati , taken on the day of Kalpataru Utsav, which reminded me of my short visit over there on 31st December,2009…when the whole world was earnestly awaiting…for the break of New Year dawn.The decision was so taken in order to avoid the hurling crowd on the following day…but we were mistaken.

I am not much of a devoted person..instead,I am a bit skeptical in nature.But due to the tranquility and the pious atmosphere, coupled with the proximity of my house to it…I am an often visitor to this place,which helps me to sooth my anxiety and comforts me with mental peace…It is said that we outsource our worries to the God…and try to loose our burden…that’s what I exactly do….but, the day was different…I was alarmed to see the huge gathering….the sacred serenity of the place was shattered by hooliganism…it was hardly possible for me to do my prayers…which I usually try to do…rather I was unable to concentrate…I must admit that I have tried out meditation…though…the attempt was in vain…The problem that I encountered, perhaps due to my own incapability…made me disappointed.But the fact which turned me on were the eye-catching,beautiful hues of flowers with which they had decorated the place,and the idols….

Not much of it is known to me about this devout hindu ceremony,the “Kalpataru Utsav”….as much as I know….the event took place on January 1st…it centered round a particular tree,located at Uddan Bati….the tree of hope….under which Sri Ramkrishna had blessed his disciples…with the wishes…they have tried to fulfill so long.It is so believed that all their dreams came true…from then onwards this particular day is celebrated as the day of wish fulfillment…by the gullible devotees throughout……..Their unflinched faith…made me awestruck.


~ by arpitachatterjee on January 8, 2010.

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