Leave the disputes,enjoy the song of life….

Many criticisms…million opinions….and billion thoughts,go with this journalist cum singer.But to me,besides being a musician….he is a philosophical poet,a TV representer,a great orator and an occasional film actor….all these cumulatively describes Kabir Suman…….

I grew up in an atmosphere….where listening to his songs were an inevitable part of the daily chore….and on doing so….he has inextricably tangled up with my childhood memories…his “School er bag ta boddo bhari “…was perhaps the first jolt…to make me realize our inappropriate academic foundation………… Currently, a dispute has arisen….. there has been a political faux pas, after he has taken part in active politics in 2009,and that his music album “Chhatradharer Gaan” has been humiliated and dealt with reprisal…..since it has cut to the quick of the party he belongs to,and highlighted……..a Maoist, instead.

Well,allow me to clarify in this context…….I have a very vague idea regarding politics, neither I take much interest in any aspects of Suman………apart from his philosophical sagaciousness…..his lucidity of expression and the rich sonority of his voice…….his songs always touch my heart.So, to me a songwriter should be viewed from a poetic…….a musical point of view and his artistic sense should not be gagged on the pretext of  his participation in politics…….The music should come into limelight when singer Suman is taken into account,and should not be shrouded by his MP tag.


~ by arpitachatterjee on January 13, 2010.

4 Responses to “Leave the disputes,enjoy the song of life….”

  1. As a writing,dis is very gud,bt on the topic what u chose is quite debatable,coz many ppl may hav diff viewpnts on it..I think he is himself irony to his writings..I fell in luv wid “Prthomoto ami tomake chai”,bt the one who sings so in real lyf leaves his current ailing wife in bangladesh promising her to tek her back to kolkata..
    He dusnt justifies the song which is on our lips..
    Moreover,I knw him closely because virginia(Suman’s 1st offspring) was my sis’s clasmate and i hav heard of the tortures which the reputed singer gave to hs family..
    He has been indulged into affairs wid lot many women..3 marriages are recorded and many more hidden..without any offence to islamism,mr Suman chakraborty changed his name and religion to islam and became kabir suman..now,aftr few months he had left his ailing wife fighting wid cancer..is dis person TRUSTWORTHY?????
    I was a fan of his,bt im sorry,a person who cant be respected,cant occupy even a corner in mah heart..
    Sorry arpita…wat i felt,i wrote it..

  2. Wid due respect 2 wat u have written…I felt d need 2 correct u a bit…. he was Chatterjee not Chakraborty..as u have written…..and….what I meant in this post…is nothing related either to his personal life nor his political career…I just meant to like HIS SONGS….

  3. really,eta aaj ker din e ek ta alochoner bisoi.ami toke support kori.amra kichu blind manus er jonno ekta artiest er kontho rodh korte pari na.jani kabir suman tagore non but as an artiest keu tagore,nazrul k chup korate pareni.aaj o parbe na.ar jekhne nijer motamot deoya sokol er odhiker.

  4. Thanx for correcting me..Yes i know dat ur writing isnt relatd to wat i wrote xcept for the person whum we r speaking of..u r ryt on ur viewpoint abt to listen to his songs,instead of his controversies..
    I just took an oppurtunity to pour my heart out on wat i knew on the inner side of him..i knw i am mere small compared to his majestic talent..yet i cant respect a person who use to scratch his own daughter wid compass needle just for fun..

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