Aaahhhh…………..!! What could have been much better than this….in this hot sultry summer?Air conditions running at 17 degrees….we all are sitting with our back stretched against the comfortable chairs,….ready to relax at least for three consecutive hours.No!I haven’t accompanied my friends to a cozy,luxurious movie hall…This is our Technical Report Writing and Language Practice Laboratory,shortly TRLP lab session of our 4th semester’s courses.

Time pass by in its usual slippery manner,….we are heading towards our final goal of life,…..our destination…but….how much do we really enjoy our studies??The thought haunts whenever I feel like I am burdened…….syllabus piling up,choking me throughout this short 6 months interval.Perhaps we,the so called,engineering students need a break .Want to sprinkle a tinge of salt & pepper to add color to this boredom?So,what about this humanity lab?Isn’t it energizing?Isn’t it interesting?Isn’t it fun?…………………………………..Entangled in the complicated circuits of ALU and ripple counter…. stuck in the middle of the lengthy programming codes….I find this TRLP lab quite exciting.Apart from proividing us with mental relief and healing the day’s apathy this lab helps us to think freely….let loose our imaginations and drench with creative thoughts.Besides,the active participation in the aspects,like drama,story telling,group discussion and presentation,which acts as an aid to be more free with our classmates and unknowingly teach us to work in groups,the soothing songs and humorous cartoon videos meant for our listening skills are just awesome….and make us laugh through all the failures of life. All through this lab somehow motivates me to pump up with double energy to go,for the rest of the day.It’s like an enchantment,which sometimes makes us realize that we do not thrive only on calculations and hardcore engineering subjects but its a small outlet to show our interest towards the literary works.

But…..but in spite of all positive parts we are once again trapped in the game,the game to top the list, by beating others, in marks.The achievement of one brings about a failure in others.The magic is somehow lost,pushing us once again to the reality,making us realize that life is a competition… is a race.


~ by arpitachatterjee on May 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “Edutainment”

  1. “Life is a race,agar tez nehi bhagoge,to koi tumhe kuchal ke age chala jayega”– It may be d words of viru sahastrabuddhi,bt dats harsh reality,life is rat race now,and we all compete,we dont realise that even after winnig the race,we turn out to be rats only..No improvemnt of quality takes place..We dint hav such gud TRP labs,even we had to find d class n students to arrange for it,yet i liked dose sessions..well depicted in our skillful writing…

  2. I have to admit i have learned a lot from this lab and Shantanu sir just delivers brilliantly.

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