Father’s day??

20th June….Oops!It was the father’s day……..& I missed it once again…it so happens!People,so close……so much related..tangled up with our own life….yet,So…forgotten!Sitting back and pondering upon the thoughts….in my leisure…I made up my mind……What is to be done with it? Dad,the most bosom person in my life so far….the person,I feel free to ventilate all my emotions……who is always there…waiting for me to run into his arms and receive the warmest hugs and kisses.The only person on this mysterious world to pamper me.

In my flashback,I can still visualize myself as a toddler,new to the concept of education…..scribbling gibberish on the pages of my flamboyant text book.When asked  to practice handwriting with my father’s aid….I simply took his indulgent hand into my left…and continued scribbling with my right hand,to my mother’s dismay!Yet never incurred his ire….yes..this is how I shared my childhood with my father….giggling all through….

Unlike others,he never insisted me to become someone “perfect”….instead,he taught me to be what I am…..He was the first to show me the bright sides of life…..it was he who taught me to be optimist.”God set up tests for us to pass and it’s our duty to accomplish those task honestly.” is the instant message he convey to me often, in spite of all the frustrating outcomes of this bitter life….perhaps it’s not bitter at all….it is sweetened with the unconditional bondage of love,trust and delicate care….which has grown so rigid that it’s hard to let it go…….Isn’t it my Father’s Day every day???Which ends with the well wishes and sweet blessing he murmur every time for my well being??Who knows…..

Trust is the smile of a baby..when you throw her high up in air and she laughs with the belief that you'll catch her again....


~ by arpitachatterjee on June 22, 2010.

3 Responses to “Father’s day??”

  1. Too gud..ya we cant make up for the sacrifice n efforts that our parents made bringing us up and so only a single day is very less to honour dem,i guess 365 days isnt also enough

  2. Arpita it is too good to go through .Ya its relay true no body cant explain the bonding of love between child with their parents in a few words.It is not flesh and blood but its the relationship which connects the heart to heart:) which made us proud to be the children of the pious souls:) may god bless u:) keep smiling:)

  3. They recognise it as frequency. Yes, human being emits frequency, and thats how anything comes into reality. Love has the greatest frequency. Confused? Read “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. I was shocked!!

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