Virtual E-world…

“Hello!!R u on9??”…………Oh!Yes…….these are the common lines….I come across almost all the time…and these words do sometimes find me in a blissful state of mind.When I feel too much frustrated and bored with my solitude……these words really seem like a lifesaver……..I am in love…in love with this e-world…………..

While turning the magazine pages of Saturday’s newspaper…my reluctant eyes suddenly met an article……”Effects of social networking sites on today’s generation“……the rise of virtual world of love…….and to my immense excitement it’s the principal of my alma mater who has made few comments on the topic…..but when I ended up with it,I was startled to find that it has highlighted its ill effects  rather than pointing out the advantages………yes life has turned complicated…which leads to several mis concepts……………and I can’t simply deny those facts and throw them into the garbage.The illegal intrusion of under-aged children in these  orkut and facebook….and adopting the behaviors of their so called seniors… might often unknowingly lead to a defective mutation of their mentality….their characters…..

It’s being said that nothing is perfect….most of the things we come across in life have some pros and cons and it’s we who can rectify the error parts of it.The technology of this e-age has not only bridged the distance between our closed ones but….it  has decayed the barriers…..the uneasiness…the fear which our parents encountered with their elders…in order to express their thoughts and emotions in the deepest core of their heart…Yes..they showered more respects to their elders….but this showoff perhaps sometimes…compelled them to hide their feelings form their near and dear ones… is where these chat rooms come….which  can act as a tool  enabling them to communicate more freely….helping to pacify this discomfort…Sharing different thoughts and perspectives aiding to enrich our view towards life….

I feel that we, the young blood has started treating their elders more like  a pal than anything else….the feeling of secrecy has gradually faded,due to which we fail to show adequate gratitude to them..but do we really  disrespect our guardians??

What are we going to do??Are to going to stop adopting this new techniques…??Shall we prevent this globalization…and lag behind the rest of the world??? In today’s nuclear society….we lack to communicate properly even with our relatives…..and this is how most of us try to satisfy the insufficiency….to thrive on a harmonized planet.Isn’t it exactly what we wanted??Lets give it a thought!


~ by arpitachatterjee on June 26, 2010.

3 Responses to “Virtual E-world…”

  1. Yups..well written,ei niye to bolar kichu nei..But I Also emphasise upon the fact that Why Should We lack Behind And give the world a chance To mock @ our nation saying it to be the land of snake charmers!!
    Another Incident is that The day This article was On the Paper,I got a scolding from my guardians for spending late nights @ dese social networking sites.grrr!!

  2. Hey Arpita,

    Thanks for your vote on indiblogger. Since we are on the topic, check out the book called “The Facebook Effect.” Quite insightful. Also read the review by David Pogue here–


  3. E-world has made the world smaller..cos we can reach ppl any time..on the other hand has distanced relationships..cos as u rightly said..ppl rely more on virtual conversation.. twitter,fb..
    ..pros n cons are there..but the cliched one goes..those were the best days!

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