I was always fascinated towards all these….the so called parts of our life………the activities we like to designate as “extra”…..extra curriculum…things we optionally add to our résumé .

To keep me busy with the creativity,I possessed inborn….from my childhood,the guiding hands of my parents lead me towards all aspects of life….and I was never being bored with these joyful moments, painting…singing…dancing…reciting…..swimming…and so on….besides my studies,these were like a real boost of motivation….which kept me energized like a catalyst.They were my soul pass time…my life.Don’t know how…I gradually fell in love with all these…..but as time pass by….. and with the growing pressure of academic, as I grew old….I felt somewhat like sandwiched….I felt my back pushed against the dead corner of the wall……I decided to compromise……by and by I have to let them all go….the most cherished parts of my life,and now they are totally gone…And if you ask me why???…I would rather say…to have a secured career ,a well established future….I switched to pursue B.tech.

I can still hear my 90 years grandfather’s promise ringing in my ears….just before my school leaving exam is about to be held.”I am going to reward you for each letter marks you’ll get in your ACADEMICS!”…For the time being, I felt my schmaltzy…moved by his words….
Now, at this matured phase of my life I can realize that these extra curricular activities are rarely capable of making one’s both ends meet….not really…not at least in our educational system…Yes…even after the revolutionary production of “3 idiots” kind of film,and the alarming rise in the believers of ‘All izz well‘,these phrase practically don’t work…not until we have a proper education policy. On account of reducing the excessive pressure and stress that students encounter in this present system of education,the ministers and his authorities hit the wrong point and want to discard the concept of examination!Which add to its misery,why?Because these pupils,who will grow up without knowing the concept of examination….will be far more prone to examophobia in real life when they’ll try to opt for the competitive job exams.

Instead,there is an utter need to put these extra curricular parts into the light of co-curriculum so that students interested in these may actually take up these streams for their higher studies.The so called extra-curricular activities can no longer play the second fiddle in this fast changing society.


~ by arpitachatterjee on July 20, 2010.

One Response to “Extra…activities”

  1. I’d differ with you on that point.. extra curriculars have not lost any significance..now dont take everything to lead to job.. extra currics play very important role in building ur career…even in the fast running world..the so called corporates organize outbound activities and parties..now why do u think they do..they can as well publish a book on behaviour and distribute right..
    team building, interpersonal skills which play important role in a successful career come from extracurrics and not from class room courses..one should be in sports, literary activities, music everything.. and even ur corporates people who show all round personality..and not just toppers..cos marks are never correlated to performance in companies

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