Selfless soul

This is the story of  a naughty boy…naughty indeed…So much so that it’s almost impossible to spend a single day of his life out of mischief.One who always kept himself busy with the most unimportant chores of the  world and surprisingly though these unimportant things turn out to be the most crucial parts…….. Catching sparrows in the study hours and painting it with vibrant colors  until  the home tutor was about to leave…secretly eating desserts and filling the the emptiness with sugar……gobbling food from others plate…….and annoying everyone round were common among them.A child who was always playing round and escaping his studies….a student who never dreamt to score high marks in exams neither have had a high dream!

This has been a long time since I wrote my last post…partly due to the circumstances which made me to do so!It was 1st of November..and I was busily scribbling,preparing for my next post,when the phone rang…I heard my father’s distressed voice on the other side of the line……he was seriously ill..urinating blood.My life seemed to fall apart…..That night was totally nightmare of my life cause no clinic were ready to start the treatment immediately so late at night.But finally we found a solution.And It would have all failed without his help.I am speaking about my maternal uncle “Chotomama” and it was he who came out with his helping hand just in right time.We were rushing all over the streets….in search of a proper clinic….worried,distressed.But I can’t imagine how I could have dealt with it all alone without his assistance.I don’t know how much selfless  and helpful one can be……. of course this maternal uncle of mine sets a live example of open heart.He is the only one who always stay by our side even in the hardest troubles…..And not only just because he is helping us..but how willingly he keep helping every one he come across….makes me awestruck.However I felt so much obliged that I don’t know how to thank him.So,I felt this might be the best way to do it.Thank you Chotomama!

Yes! He was actually that very naughty one in his childhood…..So?Is it that high marks in exam which make a person good?Or is it that kind heart…the generous  self within which makes a person perfect good human being?I vote for the second choice…whats yours?


~ by arpitachatterjee on December 25, 2010.

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