“Bus Dadu”…an unique personality

It has been so long that I hardly could remember…it was a time when I had all my milk teeth…..but those folded paper origami do remind me of something, something pleasant…something charming.It reminds me of my “Bus Dadu”(Bus Grandpa) a nice anonymous person whom I occasionally met while going to school.

It’s odd to name a person “Bus”….but my child mind couldn’t think of anything better than this….and why not?…we did met in our bus queue! An elderly person with nice thoughts and beautiful heart,who initially coaxed me with lucrative origamies,drawing pencils and eraser…but gradually as we grew closer,I came to know a lot about him..his vast knowledge…his farsightedness and his dedicated works and charity.Photo-0904Photo-0902Photo-0901

The world spins madly on..and so does time.I grew up,got busy with my own life and memories start fading.But few days back,on a very gloomy,cloudy day,when nothing seemed right….I saw a rainbow…which rode me back to my lost childhood days.My dear old Bus Dadu visited our place and spent an ample amount of time,sharing his knowledge with us…creating a sunshine..which elevated my depressive state of mind.


~ by arpitachatterjee on December 19, 2012.

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