My special one

It might take billion people to complete a world but only you to complete me.She is my Ma,the person who struggled with me throughout my entire life till now…I was born in a conservative family where things were not too smooth,nothing was really my cup of tea,it was from then she stood up for me,paved my path,she is my lady with the lamp,who is always there to show me the right path. She is the one who woke up early in the morning complete her daily chores to take me to school.She used to wait the whole day long for my school to get over,she made me work hard to achieve the goals of my life.And now as I look back I realize the amount of trouble she took to make my world a lot too easier.I don’t know how much I have achieved in life,but without her I am nothing.Photo0260

Ma,an unique word, simple to pronounce,yet the closest person on earth,a divine entity.The only one who can sacrifice her joy for the satisfaction of her children.A protector in all kind.She is one of a kind…If the father is the head of the  family then mother is the crown of that head…….She is the only person to stay on my side even in the cruelest times.She is the reason of my confidence,she is the reason for who I am….my adviser,my mentor….a space too small to hold the love for you.Ma you are indispensible


~ by arpitachatterjee on May 12, 2013.

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